My thoughts on the whole Cassandra Clare plagiarism controversy…

Tbh I actually never even know about this today, but apparently back in Cassie Clare’s fanfiction days she had to take her stories down due to plagiarizing some dialogue from television shows and YA novels. At first I was kind of upset that she was involved with something like that, with her being a published writer but I realized a few things:

1. I don’t think it was done intentionally. Apparently, she did have disclaimers to copyrighted material at the beginning but the dialogues in question were not cited properly. Unfortunately, good intentions don’t really work as a viable excuse. As someone who is currently obtaining my second degree, CITE CITE CITE CITE. Even if you’re slightly unsure YOU HAVE TO CITE. If certain people get a hold of your material ( and in Cassie’s case they did) they are going to call you out on it. And your stuck with the consequences.

2. The references to these other sources seems to be a bit more than just lack of writing skills. Cassie is an AMAZING writer and can definitely come up with original material, but from what I read fanfiction writers of her particular genre at the time were using references to other material as a game of who can find them. Unfortunately, I guess it kind of attracts writers not to cite the source from which the got it from.

3. The fact that some people say that COB and the rest of the TMI series is plagiarism from other books which I refuse to mention is a bunch of bull. Just because she has vampires or werewolves doesn’t warrant plagiarism.  In case you haven’t noticed every YA book since Twilight became popular has werewolves or vampires in some form. I also find the character dynamics don’t really resemble a lot from other books. You can definitely see her influences in her writing, but that can go for anybody. Its those inspirations that shape our artwork. If it was a crime, every modern R&B singer would be plagiarizing Michael Jackson. Our interests just come out that way.

4. I will admit Cassie does use a lot of popular culture in her books, particularly in the TMI series. But that’s one of the reasons I love them so much. I’m a huge pop culture nut so when I see Magnus talk about Madonna or Clary explaining Ebay to Jace it makes me laugh.

So I guess I’ll stop talking now since this got really long…I just hope that if these books become as popular as Twilight, the Hunger games or Harry Potter, Cassie’s little controversial past doesn’t bite her in the ass because she really is talented. It just sucks when you LOVE a book and everyone else thinks less of you because of it (*coughtwilightcough*)